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Planet Casino Affiliates is by far the best in the galaxy, giving you the opportunity to earn REAL money from a vibrant and energetic affiliate program with unique opportunities that are out of this world.

But we are more than just another affiliate program. You’ll be an integral part of the best crew around. And we will be with you every step of the way. We are better prepared than Houston. Close enough to phone home & far-out enough for the X-factor. We provide a comprehensive support system & your account will receive personal attention, ensuring you have the liquid hydrogen to sky-rocket your earnings with first-class revenue offers and commission payouts.


With Planet Casino Affiliates profits is more science than Sci-fi

Planet Casino Affiliates is lightyears ahead in innovation & you won’t need to use a Jedi mind trick to get your Players interested… Planet Casino brings a new dimension to the online gaming space. We have circumvented the black hole of the tired same-old-same-old. Our pioneering, contemporary approach is proving to be vastly popular with players, starved for something novel & entirely original.

With first-class revenue offers and great online Casino creatives that will convert your traffic month-after-month, your earnings will boldly go where they’ve never gone before with our super fast commission payouts.


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Days of Experience


Far-Out Deals


Winning. The Final Frontier. And with that we mean YOU will be in a sky of diamonds. Because we may not only become your star attraction, we could be the supernova you’ve been looking for.

Our professional team has more than 17 years experience and with a great roster of unique games providing the very best in online player entertainment to feed your success, we invite you to join the journey and discover worlds of opportunities at Planet Casino Affiliates.

At some point, pouring a glass of celebratory champagne is necessary. Even in space. Where it’s darn near impossible.

Ready for lift-off?

Some of the offers available at the best Affiliate Program in the Galaxy:

The Partners have spoken:

My conversion shot through the roof when I joined Planet Casino Affiliates. The one-of-a-kind brand really resonated with my Players – they love the theme and the fact that’s it’s not like all the others. It’s a winner. Thanks Planet Casino Team – you’re awesome!

Tom Bradford
Tom BradfordPlanet Casino Affiliate - GlobalThe Planet Casino Affiliate Programme

I instantly knew that joining in partnership with Planet Casino Affiliates was the right move. There are so many deals out there, but the brands rarely offer something truly unique. Planet Casino is in a class of its own. Great deals, best offers to my Players and most importantly, they pay on time, every time, and I get excellent service 24/7, no matter what I ask for. Stunning.

Jonathan Vee
Jonathan VeePlanet Casino Affiliate - Social Media ExpertThe Planet Casino Affiliate Programme

It was the 50% rev share deal that got me interested in the 1st place, because it didn’t have a time restriction on it like many others. These guys showed me that they really wanted to business with me, and man I’ve got to tell you, it’s been a hell of a good ride. My Playes can’t get enough of the awesome deals, and I’m smiling all the way to the bank. Thanks for being reliable, on time and thinking out of the box. Love this lot.

Carl Smeegan
Carl SmeeganPlanet Casino Affiliate - The AmericasThe Planet Casino Affiliate Programme

Players love Planet Casino. You will too:

Find Your Niche

Becoming an authority on a subject is more than just knowing a subject well. That’s just half the battle. Find your niche and you’ll carve your own, lucrative path. Planet Casino IS a niche. Use us.

Sell It Well

A picture paints a thousand words & research shows that consumers react to graphics better than the written word. Let our creative team provide you with amazing visual material & get the best results.

24/7 Support

Your Players will receive the best personal care & attention from our awesome Support team. They’re dedicated. They’re always available. They’re smart. They’re funny. They love their jobs.

A Partnership

With Planet Casino Affiliates you will not be just another number. We value partnerships. We believe in working together. We know YOU know your stuff. That’s why we want you on board.

Good Reasons

Feedback suggests that it’s a combination of excellent rev share deals; always paying on time; unique themes; efficiency and ability to adapt to changes in this dynamic industry.

The X-factor

Our team’s 17 years’ experience says something, but unlocking potential, staying abreast of trends, that’s where the true value will positively contribute to your bottom line.


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